(NL) Dominatrix

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Saturday, 12 November, 2011 - 20:00

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(NL) Dominatrix

DOMINATRIX will suprise you with special shows, a spinning line up and a fantastic atmosphere. Over 1000 people will fill 8 different areas. You can show yourself in your favorite fetish outfit, and dance to the music of the finest DJ's. You can enjoy yourself in the dungeon labyrinth with its secret dark places. There will be two smoking area's and several lounge area's available.

DOMINATRIX is a mixed party, everybody is welcome, either you are gay, bi, straight, male or female. But we have a strict single male policy, single male can only order tickets online at www.dominatrix.nl!

DOMINATRIX has a very strict dresscode: metal - leather - latex - uniform - kinkydrag - PVC - burlesque - victorian - fetish crossdress - corsets.


no casual, no sneackers, no textiles, no cotton t-shirts, no combat-outfit, NO LYCRA! Strict dresscode check at the door and also inside. The doorbitch decision is final. No refund. Zero drugs tolerance. No cameras allowed in the venue.

Access can be denied for 'straight male only' groups.